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Thorhammer Gold Thors Hammer Bornholm Mjölnir 585er 750er massiv
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Thorhammer from Bornholm - made of 585 gold

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Bornholm - Thorhammer made of 585er gold, in small version. Thor, who was the strongest of all... more
Product information "Thorhammer from Bornholm - made of 585 gold"

Bornholm - Thorhammer made of 585er gold, in small version.

Thor, who was the strongest of all the ancient Norse gods, was very revered. God of storms and lightning, Thor killed trolls and man-eating giants and ensured good harvests.
Thor, son of Odin and Jord, was given two sons, Magni and Modi, by his wife, the giant Jarnsaxa.
Thor rules in the Bilskinir Hall, his palace in the realm of Trudhome, and he proudly carries his Mjölnir hammer. The "Thorhammer" was once forged by the dwarves Sindri and Brokk.
Thor draws his strength from his belt Megingjardar and his iron hand Jarngreipr.
As today, the Thorhammer was worn for centuries by pagan people to protect them from danger. The Thorhammer is THE symbol of pagan belief.

The The X-Cross (Malkreuz ) in the shaft with the four dots could represent the increase through fertility in the four seasons. 

The X-Cross (Malkreuz ) 
The Gifu / Gebo Rune (X) stands for Marriage, Augmentation/Increase, and Gathering/Procreation-Union/Generating-Combination.
The X-Cross (Malkreuz ) is a symbol of “the earthly (human) generation and creative power”. It binds the forces of “You & I” in sacred marriage. It leads to “cosmic consciousness”, to the “seeing of God”, to the “unio mystica“, to “becoming one with the cosmic Ur-Ground (the Primordial Cosmic Cause)”.

Thor hammer made of 858 gold. The back is smooth.

The original Thorhammer dates from around the 10th century and was on the island of Bornholm
Based on the Thorhammer from Rømersdal of Bornholm (Denmark).

Size of the Bronholm Thorhammer:

  • Width approx .: 0,79 inch (20 mm)
  • Height approx .: 1,1 inch (28 mm)
  • Weight: 0,07 oz (2 g.)


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