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Valhalla Gürtelschnalle Walhalla Buckles Odins Halle in der sich die Einherjer Krieger sammeln Totenhalle Trinkhalle
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Belt buckle "Valhalla" made of pewter

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Belt buckle Walhalla, Valhalla, Valhöll - Wotans hall. Walhalla is the residence and... more
Product information "Belt buckle "Valhalla" made of pewter"
Belt buckle Walhalla, Valhalla, Valhöll - Wotans hall.

Walhalla is the residence and drinking hall of Odins in Asgard.
Walhalla is located in Frohhome (Gladshome, Old Norse Glaðsheimr Glanzhome) in the grove Glesnir.
Gladsheim is decorated with gold and precious stones. The river "Thund" Gladshome flows protectively.

The roof of Valhalla is covered with battle shields and the walls are made of spears - can be read in the Edda "Grimnismal 9".
Valhalla is huge: there are 540 gates; Through each of these gates 800 Einherians can march in or march out to fight - can be read in the Edda "Grimnismal 23".
In the middle of Valhalla is the world tree "Läradr", which is very likely to be equated with the world ash "Yggdrasil". The goat "Heidrun" eats the leaves from the branches "Läradr", and so much mead flows through its udders that all Einherier can be supplied with it daily.

Every day Odin's Einherjer - warriors in battle. In the evening everyone meets in Odin's hall for a big feast and a big feast. The Valkyries pour beer and mead, and the boar Sæhrímnir is slaughtered and consumed every day. The cook and grill master in Valhalla has the name "Andhrimnir" (soot's face), whose face is already blackened / sooty from the constant standing at the fire kettle.
Every day the Boar Sæhrímnir comes to life in a wonderful way and has to be slaughtered, prepared and cooked over a fire.
The Valkyries also have the task of collecting the honored warriors on the battlefields and bringing them to Valhalla.

It was the custom of the Vikings to hold his sword in his hand when he died - combined with the belief that he would then come to Vallhalla to continue living and celebrating with Odin there forever.
Other “warriors”, who distinguished themselves as cowards in Midgard's lifetime, had to live with the dead goddess Hel in desolate and not popular Helhome!
The very bad "rascals", which in Midgard as e.g. Perjury, murderers and adulterers had come to Nastrond (Náström) in exile, an even more desolate place, which also belongs to Helheim.

It may be more difficult to get to Valhalla nowadays ... - but our gaze and faith should always turn towards Valhalla!
With heroism, sincerity, persistence and willingness to make sacrifices, hopefully you can secure your place - in addition to the many Einherjer warriors and ancestors that we may meet and see again in Valhalla.

The belt buckle should be worn as a reminder and in memory of our ancestors ...
We should all see each other again in Vallhalla if we just want to ....

Made from high-quality pewter, partially enamelled in blue and red - suitable for belts with a width of up to 1,77 inch (4.5 cm).

Width: approx. 3,54 inch (90 mm)
Height: approx. 2,36 inch (60 mm)
Weight: approx. 4,41 oz (125 g.)

Price per piece - without the decoration shown!
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