Loki, the cunning one, bronze colored

Loki, the cunning one, bronze colored

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Loki represents a fine specimen of the mythical "scoundrel" in its list wealth and its... more
Product information "Loki, the cunning one, bronze colored"
Loki represents a fine specimen of the mythical "scoundrel" in its list wealth and its Gerissenheit. It has a distinctive sense of strategy and uses it to succeed with its interests with intrigues and complex lies. Ase, half are giant, Loki its relations to the Asen also seem to be conflicting since half. But it is respected by Odin, the two close even blood brotherhood. In addition, Loki Thor helps Mjöllnir at the replacement of its hammer by a cunning which was stolen by the giants. Loki is therefore enemy and friend of the gods. Only after it got Hödur by a cunning to kill its brother Balder, Odin banishes it.
The giantess Sigyn gave birth for it to Narfi. Ali is born by an unknown mother and three enemies the Asen with the giantess he gives rise to Angurboda:
The Midgardschlange (Jörmungandaal) which will kill Thor, the friend of the people, at the end of all times
The death goddess Hel
The Wolf Fenrir (Fenriswolf), this one will entwine the God father Odin at the world end
In addition, it itself took Sleipnir (the paying attention-legged horse Odins) to the world: It changed into a mare to lure Savadilfari, the stallion of the giant who should build the God castle, of the construction site so that the giant could not observe the date set. Sleipnir is born some months after this event. Loki gave Odin the foal.
Loki primarily is the enemy Balders and the arch-enemy Heimdalls. At the death Balders, the "enemy of all wrong", Loki has in the dreams Balders to read so as guessing share by inducing the blind Hödr to throw a mistletoe branch. With this deed Loki starts the setting of the God world.
Polirasien bronzed, height of 26 cm, breadth of 15 cm, depth of 10 cm
Weight approx. 1.4 kg
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