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Runenstein von Röck Südschweden mit Hunderten von Runen

Runestone of Röck, Ostergötland (Southsweden) made from artificial stone

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The Rök rune stone is the most famous of 2,000 Swedish rune stones. It is 3.82 meters high and,... more
Product information "Runestone of Röck, Ostergötland (Southsweden) made from artificial stone"

The Rök rune stone is the most famous of 2,000 Swedish rune stones. It is 3.82 meters high and, with around 800 rune signs, bears the longest rune inscription in the world.

The stone was probably built around the middle of the 9th century. 200 years later it was walled into the tithe barn in the course of Christianization. When the old church was torn down in 1840, it was noticed that the stone was covered with runes, but it was walled into the porch of the new church, taken out again in 1862 and initially placed in the churchyard until it was protected with a roof in 1933 has been.

Letter games complicate the text of the Rök stone so much that only a few parts could be reliably deciphered. Varin, the rune master of the Rök stone, had ciphered the text until it could not be deciphered. He used two types of rune alphabets, one was the old Norse alphabet with 24 characters and one was a special Rök alphabet with 16 characters.

The first line on the front of the stone reads "Aft Vuamod standa runar thar" ("These runes are in memory of Vamund") and then continues: "But Varin wrote them after the dead son."
The following text seems to be about myths. The rune text only becomes understandable when it becomes a verse and the rune master is obviously anxious to pass on the poem in an understandable way:

  • "These runes are after Vämod. But Varin wrote them, the father after the dead son.
  • I tell the young men the story of the two pieces of prey that were taken twelve times, both pieces of prey at once, by different men.
  • Second, I say who lived before nine human ages and lost life among the Hreidgoths.
  • And he died among them because of his misdeeds.
  • He ruled Theodoric the Bold, the Prince of Naval Warriors, over the beach of the Hreidmeer. Now he sits armed on his Gothic steed with the shield on the shoulder of the hero of the fairy tales.
  • I say that as the twelfth where the steed of Valkyrie will see food on the battlefield, twenty kings lying there.
  • I say that as the thirteenth, who had twenty kings on Zealand, four winters with four names, sons of four brothers. Five Valke, Radulf's sons, five Hreidulfe Ragulf's sons, five Haisle, Harud's sons, five Gunnmunde, Bern's sons.
  • Now everyone says to the young men ... everything researched.
  • I tell the young men who Ingevald's descendants made amends thanks to the sacrifice of a housewife.
  • I tell the young men which hero a descendant was born to. Vilen is. He could cut a giant. Vilen is.
  • I say to the young men: Thor. Sibbe, the keeper of the sanctuaries, fathered a son when he was 90. "

The back is only partially decipherable. There is talk of 20 kings in Zealand or 20 sea kings and of a battlefield on which they lie, and there is a report of a woman who sacrifices herself for Ingvald's sex

Made from artificial stone.

  • Height 5,91 inch (15 cm)
  • Width 3,15 inch (8 cm)
  • Depth 1,18 inch (3 cm),

Price per piece!

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