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On the 21st Brachet (June) we celebrate the midsummer festival - gift ideas for the solstice in the Northworld- Shop ...

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Damaszenerstahl Wikingerschwert Godfred Kampfschwert Wikingerhäuptling Schwert der Wikinger Damascus steel Vikingsword "Godfred"
The sword was named after the feared Viking chief (king) Godfred (also called Gudfred or Gudrød), who lived in the 8th century and became famous for his warfare. Godfred lived until his death in 810 in the Haithabu an der Schlei Viking...
€649.00 *
Trondheim Wikingerschwert Damaszenerstahl scharf geschliffen Schwert der Wikinger Trondheim Vikingsword with scabbard
Trondheim Vikingsword with scabbard The Trondheim sword has been forged from high quality carbon steel. The findings from the area around Trondheim in Norway were the basis. The appearance of the sword resembles the finds of the ninth...
€1,195.00 *
Wikingerschwert Schaukampfschwert 10. Jahrhundert Schwert der Wikinger für Schaukampf Practical Viking sword made of spring steel...
Practical Viking sword made of spring steel with wood scabbard Full Tang Functional Sword, Made for Re-enactment Combat, Made by Hanwei. This sword measures approximately 36" long overall and features a 30" fully tempered steel blade....
€199.00 *