Irminsul aus Holz Schmuck Anhänger Handarbeit Yggdrasil Weltenesche
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Irminsul pendant made of wood

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Pendant Irminsul made of wood, oval, made by hand. The Yggdrasil (Old North. Yggdrasill also... more
Product information "Irminsul pendant made of wood"

Pendant Irminsul made of wood, oval, made by hand.

The Yggdrasil (Old North. Yggdrasill also Mímameiðr or Læraðr) is the giant evergreen world ash in Germanic Nordic mythology.
The Irminsul (from irmin = mighty, divine, large and sul = pillar) or also Irmens pillar was an old Saxon main shrine, and will have been a large oak or wooden pillar.
Its exact location is unknown, but it was probably located near Eresburg near Obermarsberg in Germany, as the formulations in the Annales regni Francorum ("Franconian Imperial Annals") suggest in 772. Other possible locations include: a. the Externsteine ​​and the Velmerstot. The Irminsul was destroyed by the Franks at the instigation of Charlemagne in 772 during the Saxon Wars.
The Irminsul was said to symbolize the connection between heaven and earth. The monk Rudolf von Fulda, to whom we owe the only more detailed information on the Irminsul, writes about this in the Translatio s. Alexandri (chapter 3): "Truncum quoque ligni non parvae magnitudinis in altum erectum sub divo colebant, patria eum lingua Irminsul appellantes, quod Latine dicitur universalis columna, quasi sustinens omnia." - "They also worshiped a block of wood (or: log) of no small size that had been raised upwards (sc. The Saxons) under the open sky, which they called" Irminsul "in their mother tongue, which in Latin means" All -Column "means because it carries the universe in a way."
A (rest) version of an Irmin column, apparently of Roman origin, is now in the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. A reference to "the" Irminsul is unclear. Nearby (in the Hildesheim district / Germany) are the towns of Irminseul / Irmenseul, Segeste, the Drachenberg and the Wormstal, which could even indicate the Nibelungen song.
Among other things, there is a memorial in Irmenseul in the Hildesheim district (approx. 9 kilometers from Nordwelt Versand).

  • Size: 1,69 x 1,3 inch (4.3 cm x 3.3 cm).
  • Eyelet diameter for leather strap or chain approx: 0,05 inch (1.2 mm)

Delivery with 0,05 inch (1.2 mm) leather strap.

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