Lokis Rache Walnuss Likör germanischer Gott der List und der Täuschung.

Walnut liqueur "Lokis revenge" 500 mL. bottle; 30 % vol.

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This liqueur made from walnuts was named after the cunning Loki. In his wealth of lists and... more
Product information "Walnut liqueur "Lokis revenge" 500 mL. bottle; 30 % vol."

This liqueur made from walnuts was named after the cunning Loki.

In his wealth of lists and his cunning, Loki represents a model of the mythical "scoundrel". He has a strong sense of strategy and uses it to assert his interests with intrigue and complex lies. Since Loki is half Ase, half giant, his relationship with the Ases also appears to be ambiguous. But Odin respects him; the two even form brotherhoods of blood. In addition, Loki Thor uses a ruse to retrieve his hammer Mjöllnir, which was stolen by the giants. Loki is thus an enemy and friend of the gods. Only after he tricked Hödur into killing his brother Balder did Odin banish him.

The giant Sigyn gave birth to Narfi. Ali is born of an unknown mother and with the giant Angurboda he fathered three enemies of the Ases:

  • The Midgard Serpent (Jörmungandaal), which Thor, the friend of men, will kill at the end of time
  • The goddess of death Hel
  • The wolf Fenrir (Fenriswolf) who will devour the godfather Odin at the end of the world

He also gave birth to Sleipnir (Odin's eight-legged horse) himself: he transformed himself into a mare to lure Savadilfari, the giant's stallion who was to build the castle of gods, from the construction site so that the giant could not meet the agreed deadline , A few months after this event, Sleipnir is born. Loki gave Odin the foal.

Loki is above all the enemy of Balders and the arch enemy of Heimdall. Loki's share in the death of Balders, the "enemy of all injustices", by causing the blind Hödr to throw a mistletoe, as can be read in Balder's dreams. With this act Loki initiates the downfall of the world of the gods.

  • Contents: 0.5 liters
  • Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Manufacturer / responsible for food: Nordwelt Versand GmbH, An der Windmühle 1, 31079 Sibbesse

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