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Thor mit Thorhammer Mjölnir Donnergott Hammer Poster Kunstdruck

Thor with Mjölnir - Poster, Art Print

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Thor (aisl. Þórr, as. Thunaer, ags. Þunor, ahd. Donar, urgerm. * Þunaraz "thunder"), is in Norse... more
Product information "Thor with Mjölnir - Poster, Art Print"

Thor (aisl. Þórr, as. Thunaer, ags. Þunor, ahd. Donar, urgerm. * Þunaraz "thunder"), is in Norse mythology the god of thunder - he is the first son of the god Odin (aisl Óðinn) , His wife is Sif (aisl. Sif).

Thor, who was the strongest of all the Norse gods, was much revered. God of storms and lightning, killed Thor Trolls and man-eating giants, and provided good crops.
The son of Odin and Jord were given by his wife, the giantess Jarnsaxa, two sons, Magni and Modi.
Thor rules in the hall of Bilskinir, his palace in the kingdom of Trudheim, and he proudly wears his hammer Mjölnir. The "Thorhammer" was once forged by the dwarves Sindri and Brokk.
Thor draws his strength from his belt Megingjardar and his iron hand Jarngreipr.
Like today, the Thorhammer was worn by pagan people for many centuries to protect them from danger. The Thorhammer is THE sign of pagan belief.

  • Poster, art print (color).
  • Format DIN A 2: 16,53 x 23,4 inch (42 x 59.4 cm)

Shipping is rolled in the package.

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