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"Viking" Smoke salt - juniper (coarse) glass - 5,64 oz (160 g.)

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Viking Smoke Salt "Juniper" from Denmark. For the barbecue, festive table, Germanic wedding -... more
Product information ""Viking" Smoke salt - juniper (coarse) glass - 5,64 oz (160 g.)"

Viking Smoke Salt "Juniper" from Denmark.
For the barbecue, festive table, Germanic wedding - customs Germanic wedding.
Smoke salt as a gift idea for the marriage / marriage solemnity.

Impressive strong taste, aromatic smoke, fire, intense spiciness. These impressions convey the look and the aroma of this probably noblest Danish Rauchsalz variant of the present. By the way, only about 5% of all smoked salt types are really smoked. Most smoked salt types are offset with smoke aromas.
Our smoked salt is made exclusively from salt from the Dead Sea - smoked in the Viking style. For this purpose, juniper wood is imported extra from Norway, as there low-pollution wood grows there. The salt, which is smoked with juniper wood, is popular with many of our customers, as it is soft on the palate and has a spicy flavor with its many aroma nuances. The salt is smoked at 65 - 85 degrees in a lengthy and costly process in specially designed oven.
Using this salt gives you an idea of ​​how the Nordic peoples gained their salt. Sea water or brine was poured on the burning fire. The water portion evaporated and the precipitated salt adhered to the charred logs. The salt was scraped off the wood and could be used.

The Viking Smoke Salt is ideal for:
Eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fish and all sorts of meat. It gives the steak a special taste of meat cooked over fire - even when cooked in the oven.
The shelf life is unlimited. The salt vessel should always be closed well, so that the smoke flavor is not lost.
There are no trickle aids, flavor enhancers or other added substances in this smoke salt. Ingredients: 6% Na, 13% K, 9% Mg0., 4% Ca, 46% Cl0, 5% Br0, 4% carbonate, minor amounts of ammonium, Sr, Mn, Fe, F, I, sulfate.

  • The salt grains have a size of 0,04 - 0,12 inch (1-3 mm) coarse grain.
  • 5,64 oz (160 g.) of Viking Smoke Salt (Juniper Fumigation) in the jar
  • Sea salt uniodinated

Food manager: Nordwelt Versand GmbH, An der Windmühle 1, D-31079 Sibbesse

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