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Räucherstäbchen Erdbeere Vanille Hem Strawberry Vanilla Incense Incense "strawberry /vanilla" (HEM)
"Strawberry /vanilla" fragrance from HEM. Fruity and lovely scent of sweet strawberries combined with an intense, sweet and delicately spicy vanilla scent. Full and intense strawberry-vanilla aroma, suitable for birthdays or other...
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Räucherstäbchen Wald Regenwald Ham Rain Forest räuchern Räucherkegel und Zubehör Incense "Forest / Rainforest" (HEM)
"Forest / Rainforest" fragrance from HEM. Contents per box: 20 sticks Weight content: approx. 0,88 oz (25 g.) Chopsticks length: approx. 7,87 inch (20 cm) average burning time per stick: approx. 30 min. As far as is possible today, our...
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Honig Räucherstäbchen Hem Honey Räucher- Stäbchen Incense Sticks "Honey" (HEM)
Incense sticks - "Honey" fragrance from HEM. The full-flavored honey scent has a gentle sweetness with a hint of floral scent. The honey scent is soft and warm, creates a feeling of comfort, harmony and tranquility in the room. Has a...
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