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Eikthyrnir Hirsch Anhänger 925er silber Edda Lärad Weltenbaum Yggdrasil Wikinger Schmuck

Pendant "Eikthyrnir", 925 silver

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This pendant is based on an 11th century Urnes style primer, and is made of 925 sterling silver.... more
Product information "Pendant "Eikthyrnir", 925 silver"

This pendant is based on an 11th century Urnes style primer, and is made of 925 sterling silver.
The Germanic Edda tells of the stag Eikthyrnir, who eats the leaves of the Yggdrasil tree in Valhalla.
Eikthyrnir is a stag that stands on the roof of Valhalla and gnaws at the branches of the tree Lärad.
In the Prose Edda it says: From his Horned Antler it drips to Hvergelmir, from which all the streams descend.
Eikthyrnir is a capital stag with huge antlers from Norse mythology.

The Edda:
The song of Grimnir ...

There it says:
Eikthyrnir is the name of the stag in front of Heervater's Hall,
which consumes Lärad's bower.
From his Horned Antler drips to Hwergelmir:
This is where all the streams come from.

Eikþyrnir heitir hjörr,
he stendr höllu á
ok bítr af Læraðs limum;
en af ​​hans hornum
drýpr í Hvergelmi,
þaðan eiga vötn öll vega:

Eikthyrnir stands on the roof of Valhalla and gnaws on the branches of the protective tree Lärad, which stands in the middle of Odin's hall in Wallhalla. The world tree “Yggdrasil”.
“Lärad” may mean the world ash / yggdrasil, or the protective crown of the tree.
The water Hvergelmir flows from Eikthyrnir's horn antlers, from which all streams are fed. Hvergelmir is the primary source of the fountain of becoming, and thus the ultimate source of creation.

Weight: approx. 0,25 oz (7 g.)
Diameter: Ø approx. 1,18 inch (30 mm).
Diameter chain eyelet: approx. 0,16 ich (4 mm).

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