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Trilobit auf Mutter-Gestein, versteinertes Fossil Millionen Jahre alt

fossilized trilobite on native rock / mother rock

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Trilobites (from the Greek three-lapper) were structured animals, which existed from the... more
Product information "fossilized trilobite on native rock / mother rock"

Trilobites (from the Greek three-lapper) were structured animals, which existed from the Cambrian to the end of the Permian until about 250 million years ago in the primeval seas of the planet Earth.

They had a calcitic exoskeleton (especially the spine). They died out before the dinosaurs conquered the earth, and are now guide fossils for the Paleozoic Era.

The trilobites were among the first arthropods, an animal trunk of hard-shelled creatures with an articulated body and many coordinated legs (which, together with the antennae of the animals, have unfortunately almost never been preserved in fossil form due to their nature). They form the extinct class of the Trilobita, consisting of nine recognized orders today - over 150 families, over 5,000 genera and more than 15,000 described species. New species are found and identified every year. Their diversity makes the trilobites the most divergent group among all extinct organisms. Joachim Barrande did well for her early research.

Approx. 200 million years old, each piece is unique - no fossil is the same!
1,58 x 1,97 inch (40-50 mm) mother stone - the fossil itself measures approx. 0,79  x  0,98 inch (20 - 25 mm)!
Weight: approx. 1,76 - 4,23 oz (50 - 120 g)

Price per piece!

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