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Valknot Wodans knot pendant - 925 silver

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The three intertwined triangles of the Wotans knot symbolize the structure of the Nordic cosmos.... more
Product information "Valknot Wodans knot pendant - 925 silver"

The three intertwined triangles of the Wotans knot symbolize the structure of the Nordic cosmos. The triangles embody the three levels Asgard (world of gods), Midgard (world of people) and Utgard (underworld). The nine corners represent the nine worlds Asgard, Midgard, Hel, Jötunhome, Lichtalfhome, Muspelhome, Wannahome, Swartalfhome and Niflhome.
The Wodans knot is also a sign of fate. Like the three Norns, it stands for the past, the present and the future.
Historically, the Wotans knot is documented, for example, by the picture stone from Tängelgårda from the 7th century.

The Wodans knot is also depicted on the Stora Hammer rune stone.
The Wodans knot, or Wotans knot, was often presented in connection with the battle and death in pre-Christian times. 

In addition, the illustration indicates the blood eagle (Blutaaer) torture and execution method. -
It is partly controversial whether there was this type of execution or whether this type of torture was an invention of imaginative Christian brains to portray the Vikings as brutal bloodthirsty beasts, or whether this type of torture was used with the help of psychoactive herbs, mushrooms and narcotics really gave.
The guardian at the Gjöll River (Death River) is Modgudr, she stands on the afterlife bridge Gjallarbrú, which leads to the realm of the Hel.
The name Modgudr is made up of the old Norse noun “mord” (ectase / anger / enthusiasm) and the syllable gud (God).
Modgudr is thus a goddess of ectase, just as Odin is the god of death and god of ectase. The ferryman on the river could also be Odin, just as a companion on the afterlife.
Many figurative stones convey and fragments about the religious history of Nordic mythology. Decades of scientific work are certainly needed, if it is possible to get a clear picture of everything.

  • This beautifully crafted silver pendant is made of 925 silver and has a weight of 0,32 oz ( 9 g).
  • The silver pendant has a size of 1,26 x 1,22 inch (32 x 31 mm).
  • The eyelet for the chain is approx. 0,16 inch (4 mm) in diameter.

The picture stone shown here is not included in the scope of delivery.

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