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Cookie cutter / dough form "unicorn", made of stainless steel

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"Unicorn" cookie cutter (mythological symbol) made of stainless steel. The unicorn has a special... more
Product information "Cookie cutter / dough form "unicorn", made of stainless steel"

"Unicorn" cookie cutter (mythological symbol) made of stainless steel.
The unicorn has a special fascination and mysticism for many people, it is considered one of the most beautiful and purest mythical animals.
The unicorn stands for purity, innocence, freedom, beauty, magic, courage, healing, wisdom, truth, perfection, connection to the elves and forest spirits, often makes contact under flowering fruit trees (especially apple trees). It is the reincarnation of invincible power, it stands for good and positive values.
The medieval unicorn is a symbol of power, but also of good events, the virgin symbol of purity. For this reason, the animal is mostly flawless and white.
In Germanic and especially in Celtic legends, the unicorn and dragon represent good and evil, which are the eternal struggle.
In Celtic mythology, the unicorn guards the female mysteries and embodies the virgin aspect of the three-figure goddess "" Hekate "". In addition, the unicorn is said to have a connection to the mysterious and legendary "apple island" Avalon. Avalon / Avalun comes from the Indo-European root "" aballo "" and means apple. So far, it has remained a mystery whether Avalon could also have been the Atlantis that was sunk by a meteorite impact (we refer here, among other things, to the tradition of Plato)!
The apple tree, the apple as a love fruit, is an ancient symbol of the three-figure goddess. The triads include the upper world, earth world and underworld. The unicorn stands on the threshold of the upper world, the dragon (Lindworm / Lindwormdragon) stands on the underworld, in between stands man. The Celts priestesses often wore an image of the unicorn, triskele or triquetra as a sign of recognition. 

  • The shape of the dough is 10 cm wide and made of stainless steel.

Price for a dough mold "unicorn", without the decoration shown here.

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