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Incense Holder "Raven on Skulls", made of polyresin

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The raven - Wotan's bird of death, soul and companion to the "other world" - made / cast from... more
Product information "Incense Holder "Raven on Skulls", made of polyresin"

The raven - Wotan's bird of death, soul and companion to the "other world" - made / cast from polyresin (artificial stone) and lovingly hand-painted.

Ravens were often regarded as "harbingers of evil", e.g. because of their desire to eat carrion. They often gathered en masse at places where battles were taking place to feed on the corpses of the fallen.
Ravens are said to be close to death, and corpses were left hanging at execution sites until the raven birds picked them down to the bones.
The raven as a dead bird is assigned to the war (and raven) god Wotan.
The magpie also belongs to the group of corvids. In Norse mythology, she is the messenger of the gods, but also the companion bird of Hel, the goddess of death.
The Celtic war/death goddess Morrigan carried the souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla in raven form.

The creation of the earth is described in the song of the gods “Vafþrúðnismál”.
Ginnungagap is described as the empty space at the beginning of world affairs. In primeval times, before creation, Ginnungagap lay between fiery Muspellsheim to the south and icy Niflheim to the north.
Before the world was created there was nothing but the Ginnungagap in which lived the first being named "Ymir" - The world was formed from the individual body parts of Ymir. From his flesh came the earth, from his skull the heavens, from his bones the mountains, and from his blood the sea. That's why we don't consider the skull as something scary either, because like everything else it is a part of creation.

The raven is considered a connection to gliding into the "world of the dead" - its intelligence, magical powers and clairvoyant abilities make it a bird of the dead, soul companion and companion par excellence in the "other world".
Odin, the god of the dead, is also known under the name of Hrafnáss (raven god).

In popular belief, the raven bird became the uncanny and bad luck bird of the dead. This bad reputation was created especially by the Christian influences during the Middle Ages.
The incense stick holder can also be used "for a different purpose" as a paperweight or as a pen tray.
Made of polyresin (artificial stone), painted.


  • Length: approx. 10.24 inch (26 cm)
  • Height: approx. 3.35 inch (8.5 cm)
  • Depth: approx. 1.97 inch (5 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 13.23 oz (375 g.)

Beautifully crafted living room decoration, or as a gift idea!

The incense sticks shown here are not included.
Sale without the decoration shown here!
Price per incense stick holder!

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