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Odin Wodan auf Sleipnir Göttervater bronzierte Figur Statue Wotan

Odin on Sleipnir, figur / statue bronzed, made of polyresin

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He is the god of the Ases, supreme and first deity, god of poetry, knowledge, magic, god of... more
Product information "Odin on Sleipnir, figur / statue bronzed, made of polyresin"

He is the god of the Ases, supreme and first deity, god of poetry, knowledge, magic, god of heaven, war and death. As a storm god, he is the leader of Wotan armies. Odin the finder of runes, god of rune wisdom and patron god of scalds.
Odin, the all-father, son of the Burr and the giantess Bestla. Together with his brothers Hönir and Lodur, Odin created the first human couple, Askr and Embla, and gave them a soul.

He sits on his throne Hlidskialfin in the Walaskialf hall in Asgard Castle and can watch the whole world from there. He is all seeing and knows what is said and what is being done. At Odin's side are the ravens, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory), who come back every morning from their trip to tell Odin about the world's news. He is also accompanied by the two wolves Geri (greedy) and Freki (voracious). With his eight-legged stallion Sleipnir he rides against the powers of darkness!
Odin pawns his uncle Mimir to be able to drink the Met Odrörir from the well of truth. "He owes his wealth to his golden ring Draupnir, from which eight more rings drip every nine days. In battle he relies on the spear Gungnir, who never missed the target.
The mythical wife of Odin is Frigg, whose old German name Frijamit is identical to the Norse goddess Freyja. Frigg is also identified with Freyja in the Edda. His wife bore him the sons Thor, Baldur and Tyr.
So Odin is not only the god of the fallen in Valhalla, but generally the leader of the dead, as the older myth of the wild hunt expresses, in which all spirits of the dead ride under the guidance of Odin through the night.
His entourage are 13 ghost warriors, the Valkyries (Valkyrjar), and the souls of the fallen warriors, the Einherians, who live in Valhall (Halleder fallen).
This gleaming hall stood in Gladshome, in front of it the Glasir grove, the trees of which bore golden leaves. A wolf hung above the main door of the hall, which was so high that you could hardly see its gable, and an eagle above it. The hall itself, covered with shields over spear shafts, had 540 doors through which those 800 people walked when it came to the great fight with the Fenriswolf (the warriors gathered for Ragnaröck). He was destined for these brave men who came to Odin on the Walstatt after death. Under Odin's chairmanship, the Valkyries pour out the mead.

Made and cast from polyresin (artificial stone). The figure is fully poured out and covered with real bronze.

  • Size: approx. 12.21 x 6,69 inch (31 x 17 cm)
  • Height: approx. 12,6 inch (32 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 5,8 lbs (2640 g.)
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